Conferencing is hot, but be aware of your privacy

Most of us are currently working from home and looking at ways on how to improve our productivity. Productivity tools have eagerly filled this demand. Whether it is Notion, ZOOM, Slack or Microsoft Teams, they have all seen a sharp increase in user adoption.

As we are potentially discussing sensitive business matters through these apps, it has become even more important to look at the security of each one of these apps. How the secure these apps is everyone’s guess, as the code has not been open sourced. As writer Nassim Taleb puts it: “The problem with work related conversations on web apps during this period is that, unlike water cooler schmoozes, everything you say can be recorded for life”.

At Coding Delta, we decided to take measures into our own hands. We had already been using an internal drive and office collaboration software, but we were still depended on ZOOM, and its security risks have been made clear.

We were looking for self-hosted and open-source solutions that would integrate smoothly into our workflow. Therefore, we started experimenting with two free and open source tools: NextCloud’s Talk and Jitsi.

We had already been using NextCloud Drive as our internal document management system. As Talk is part of the NextCloud suite, it was easy to integrate it and discover its added value. This set-up not only allows us to securely e-meet with our clients, but also to securely share documents with our  clients during the call.

There is currently also a lot of hype around the open-source solution, Jitsi. And not without reason. It is easy to set-up and gives you all the necessary controls for an online meeting, much like Nextcloud Talk. In addition, the professional appearance of hosting your conference using your own company domain, augments the list of functionalities.

If you are interested, we are happy to show you a demo and integrate these free tools into your workflow.

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